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Tips On Praying the Rosary More Devoutly Rosary

It is good to focus on the rosary.  Here are some ideas to help you pray the rosary more devoutly and get more out of it. 

  1. Choose both the time and the place that has least distractions for you.
  2. You can stand, kneel, or sit—or if you are sick you may lie down. 
  3. A family or a group—even two or three—can join together to pray the rosary.
  4. Offer every rosary—or every decade—for your special intentions. If you are praying in a small group, you may wish to share prayerfully some of these intentions.
  5. Say the rosary at a convenient rate of speed. Often you can pray the rosary aloud, even when you are alone.
  6. Before beginning, ask Mary to help you pray devoutly. If you are distracted during the rosary, just continue.
  7. If you have time and are so inclined, you can pause between decades for a private prayer, hymn, or reading.
  8. The rosary is a meditation. Picture the scene in your imagination and try to enter in as one of the people there. See, hear, and feel what is said and done. Talk with Jesus and Mary. Compare the event with your own life.
  9. If you are really busy, or if it is helpful, divide the rosary—one decade before breakfast, another at coffee break, and so on.
  10. Use a blessed rosary. It is a sacramental of the Church, and the prayer carries an indulgence.


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