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Association of the Miraculous Medal
What a Burning Candle Means

A burning candle is a symbol of selfless generosity. It stands so unwavering in its place, so erect, so clear in perfect readiness to be of service. It stands in its appointed place, self-consumed in light and warmth. Yes, of course the candle is unconscious of what it does. It has no soul. But we can give it a soul by making it an expression of our own attitude.

Stir up in yourself the same generous readiness to be used. "Lord, here am I." Let the clean, spare, serviceable candle bespeak your own attitude. Let your readiness grow into steadfast loyalty. Even as this candle, O Lord, would I stand in your presence. Do not weaken in or try to evade your vocation. Persevere. Do not keep asking why and to what purpose. To be consumed in truth and love, in light and warmth, for God is the profoundest purpose of human life.

Romano Guardini

Light a Votive Light and send your prayerful intentions to be remembered at our Lady's Shrine

A Prayer When Lighting a Votive Light Click to Print This Prayer