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I invite you to join us at our Blessed Mother’s Altar during the Our Lady of Sorrows Novena, beginning on September 6. Send us your petitions to be placed near Mary’s Altar, and burn Votive Lights for your intentions. For each of the nine days of the novena, say this prayer. Mary is Our Lady of Sorrows.  She carries this honored title because she knows and experiences sorrow as deeply and as painfully as anyone possibly can. She witness the excruciating passion and crucifixion of her only Son, unable to help him…except by her prayers. This is how our Lady helps us today, and she is waiting to help you now!  Read Fr. Kevin’s message about Our Lady of Sorrows.
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Summer break is almost over. Students and educators throughout the country will soon be returning to school. If you know someone returning to school – a child, teenager, adult, teacher, or staff member, please send me their names so they may be included in the prayers and Masses offered at our Lady’s Shrine for the entire school year.  Send your loved ones our new “Back to School” Votive Light card to let them know you are praying for them. You might also want to give returning students and teachers their very own Miraculous Medal attached to a lobster-claw clasp.  Read Fr. Kevin’s letter about returning to school and the quest for truth and knowledge through Jesus and his Blessed Mother.
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