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Why do we honor Mary and the saints?

5. Why do we honor Mary and the Saints?

 If you are wondering about devotion to our Blessed Mother and the Saints, you may want to read Chapter 7 of We Believe by Rev. Oscar J. Lukefahr, C.M. (Ligouri Publications, Ligouri, MO 63057, 1990, 1995, $7.95). It is also available from the Catholic Home Study Service.

You will find scriptural reasons for praying to Mary and the saints in Chapter 7, but Christians have always believed that those who have died in Christ are close to us. They are risen and alive. It's just common sense to want to talk with them.

If you were able to go back to Nazareth and visit with Jesus at his home, wouldn't you also talk with Mary and Joseph? Jesus would not have wanted you to ignore them if you visited him 2000 years ago, and Jesus wouldn't want you to ignore Mary and Joseph today when they are so close to him in heaven. Jesus would have wanted you to talk to them in Nazareth, and he wants you to talk to them now in heaven (and talking to them is prayer).

When people attack you because you pray to our Blessed Mother, to the saints, or to your loved ones who have died, you should feel sorry for them. They must think that Jesus locked the saints up somewhere where they can't see you, care about you, or help you.

But our risen Lord has really given Mary, Joseph, and the saints NEW LIFE. They are in touch with you. They love you. They want to help you by their prayers. We insult Jesus if we think that he is so selfish that he doesn't want us to talk with Mary his mother, with Joseph, or with our friends who have died.

We Catholics believe in the Communion of Saints. This means that we believe in the power of God to give the dead new life in Christ. They are not less alive than we are. They are fully alive. They love us and want to help us by their prayers until we are with them one day in heaven. 

If people want to attack you for believing in the power of God, for believing in resurrection, they have a problem. Tell them that you respect their right to believe the way they want, but that they should respect your beliefs...especially when Catholics have had such beliefs for 2000 years.