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How can Mary, saints, or God hear all prayers?

7. How can Mary, saints, or God hear all prayers made to them?

Concerning your question about how Mary can respond to all the prayers addressed to her, or any of the saints, or even God can hear all the prayers addressed...

I've often wondered about that myself. Theologians say that we must realize that we are in time. God and those who die are in eternity, where there is no passage of time, but an eternal now. I've read explanations of this by people as brilliant as C.S. Lewis, but it's still a mystery to me! I can see how it's possible, but I don't understand it. However, we may get some insight into the problem from some scientific theories which say that the faster we move in the universe, the slower time goes. Theoretically, at least, if people were to travel to another star in a spaceship whose speed approached the speed of light, they might be gone for 100 years by earth time, but they might age only 10 years while their friends on earth would age 100 years. Interesting theory! If this can happen even to human beings who have not died, then certainly God can make it possible for those who are in eternity to be in touch with all the petitions addressed to them from time.

Another way of looking at the problem is to note that we human beings are said to use only a tiny percentage of our intellectual ability. When someone gets to heaven, that person might be able (even from our temporal point of view) to have the intellectual capacity to do what seems impossible here on earth.