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Association of the Miraculous Medal
Purpose of wearing scapular

18. What is the purpose of wearing a scapular?

"The brown scapular - does our Lord want me to wear that or to trust fully in Him alone?"

The purpose of all sacramentals is to put us in touch with Christ. So the answer to your question is... If you choose to wear the brown scapular, it should help you to trust fully in Him alone! Scapulars and religious medals are blessed reminders to us of the power of Christ. These scapulars and medals may have representations of Mary or the Saints on them, but the Saints themselves are people who bring us closer to Christ. 

The sacraments come to us from Christ, of course, and they have special value and importance. But sacramentals and indulgences are signs of God's love and presence. You probably have pictures of loved ones in your house; perhaps you have souvenirs and reminders of departed relatives. These objects keep you in touch with the ones you love. Sacramentals and indulgences, when used properly, keep us in touch with the God we love.